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Special care instructions

Ladies, you are possessing VON 50’s valuable clothes !

Here a are a few advice to take a good care of them :

- Dry-cleaners always represent the best choice. But what could we do if time is missing ? If we have an amergency and the shop is close?

- A good choice would be to have some « Terre de sommières » at home : This sepiolite powder is widely known for its stain-removing properties, mostly working on grease marks

Terres de Sommières - Instructions :

Drop off a maximum of grease by using an absorbent paper towel. Then generously sprinkle some Terre de Sommières on the area. Wait few hours (24h is better), then softly rub or vacuum It is possible to repeat this cleaning action if necessary, in case the stain is old or massive.

Silk precautions:

VON 50’ has selected hand-washable silks. However, please observe certain precautions :

  If you have hard water, you may wish to first add a spoonful of borax to the washing water
  Only use cold water
  Use lukewarm water and mild, non-alkaline soap (such as Ivory Liquid) or baby shampoo
  While rinsing, you can add a few tablespoonfuls of distilled white vinegar to the rinse water to neutralize alkali traces and to dissolve soap residue Or, add a few drops of hair conditioner to the final rinse water for extra silky feel
  Soaking silk for any more than a few minutes should be avoided
  Do not wring or twist; roll in towel to extract water
  Silk is a natural protein fiber. Do not use chlorine bleach to clean silk; chlorine will damage the silk fabric
  Avoid drying silk in direct sunlight as sunlight for a prolonged period will damage the silk fabric
  Substances containing alcohol will damage silk fabric. So let your perfume and hairspray dry before dressing
  Avoid washing different colors at the same time