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Getting access to Old Hollywood actresses hair style is quite easy and very cheap. In the 40’s and 50’s, all actresses were using the pin curls. There’s no better way to enjoy an original vintage hairdo, launched by Veronica Lake in the 40’s until Marilyn Monroe in the 50’s.
Veronica Lake in the 40’s had amazing long hair, she styled in such a particular way, that her hairdo became her signature: the peek-a-boo hairstyle. Copied by women, this Look consisted in Old Hollywood waves, with a strand of hair covering her right eye.

Veronica Lake is shown when she was the "peek-a-boo look" movie star in the 1940s. In March 1962, she lived in a New York hotel and worked for tips and her meals as a waitress and part-time hostess in the hotel's cocktail lounge. (AP Photo)

Veronica Lake is shown when she was the « peek-a-boo look » movie star in the 1940s. (AP Photo)

Did you know? During World War II, Veronica Lake had no choice to give up her trademark peek-a-boo hairstyle, due to a government’s urging demand. Those wanted to encourage women working in war industry factories to adopt more practical, safer hairstyles. Although the change helped to decrease the number of accidents involving women getting their hair caught in machinery.

During  the 50’s, the legend Marilyn Monroe used it in her everyday life even for the cinema she had pin curls. During this decade  she simply applied the method on shorter hair. For a fabulous hairdo that will also become part of her glamour signature, in the same way as her make up.


Sophistication of Marilyn’s hairstyle

So, that’s what we call pin curls Ladies!


Marilyn with her pin curls!

And when you see how sophisticated changes it can bring, you will definitely like Marilyn’s style, it would be a great idea to try!


Pin curls can definitely change a woman’s… hairdo



You can find on the web so many tutos but let us introduce to you the major, most efficient , cheapest and obvious one, done by Aja on Youtube. With this one, you’ll know everything about how to dress your hair as the 50’s women.


Nowadays, she’s unavoidable, and it would be a terrible omission not to talk about the biggest ambassadress of this typical hairstyle:  Dita Von Teese.


Did you know: The Diva confesses that all concerning her hair, from the hairdo to the hair dye (Dita is naturally blonde), are done by herself only. Hairdressers currently don’t know about those vintage “savoir-faire”.

So, when will you start to get your own Retro Hairstyle?


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